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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Pre-College . Classes . Digital Painting 

Digital Painting

Learn how to create digital drawings and paintings from a fine art perspective.


This course offers digital painting as a means of visual communication and self-expression, through painting from life, and the imagination. 

We will explore how digital art intersects with traditional techniques including renaissance approaches that employ underpainting and transparent layers, and combining photographic images into a unified composition. Our tools will include Wacom drawing tablets and Photoshop painting on the desktop. 

No supplies, devices or software needed! Everything is provided!


The first week of this course will act as an introduction to the digital tools and software used to create images. Lectures will cover Adobe Photoshop and the various brushes available, including how to make your own custom brushes. Color theory, layering, texture and other effects will push the digital image to the next level. The second week of the course will provide students with time to practice and perfect the skills they’ve learned, while applying them to multiple projects.

Projects and topics that will be explored include utilizing layers and blending modes, how to use a Wacom tablet for drawing, creating a digital self-portrait, develop an understanding of color in a digital context, using presets and creating custom brushes and marks, and professional printing and output settings.


Gerry Shamray is best known for his sketchy life-like drawings of Harvey Pekar in the comic book “American Splendor” that was later turned into a hit movie starring Paul Giamatti. He’s also worked with legendary comic strip artist/writer Tom Batiuk (“Crankshaft,” “Funky Winkerbean”) on the nationally syndicated strip, “John Darling.” While working in the newspaper business as an artist and writer, Gerry has garnered 25 national and statewide awards and even earned a local Emmy during his stint at the Cleveland PBS station. To see Gerry's work, visit