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Designing for a Change

10/21/16  |  Posted by Eric Burton  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

You can’t be successful and not be a part of something important. In conjunction, there are plenty of things polluting the nature of our industry. Even our own designers pollute our industry, but once you...

"Pro Bono" or Not to "Pro Bono"

10/17/16  |  Posted by Eric Burton  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

Someone used the term, Pro Bono in a conversation with me a few days ago. Now I’d never heard the phrase—so excuse me if I’m down on lingo—but the words drew a high amount of...

Personal Brand Is A Matter Of Affinity

10/14/16  |  Posted by Eric Burton  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

We all know representing oneself means being both distinctive and valued, but in terms of design, what does staving the competition truly entail? And is this distinction more psychological than the intended design labor? These...


10/11/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

I have found this site, probably a month ago, that allows you to search and apply for jobs, internships and online jobs easily. You can search as much as you want, even with different specifications...

Staying Small: Jeff Sheldon

10/10/16  |  Posted by Eric Burton  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

As your years begin to dwindle, the term “Student” feels further and further away. Yes, it’s kind of impeding and truly, it’s a bad mix of self-love and self-hate. I’ll tell you why. There’s nothing...

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Thi Bui (@MsThiBui) arrives in Cleveland today! She’ll spend the next 2 days at CIA leading engaging conversations. Don't miss Thursday's reading and discussion of "The Best We Could Do" or her talk at this week's Lunch on Fridays.

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