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Freeland Southard working on project in the Fabrication Studio

March 28, 2018

Free for the making

Director builds community around fab studios more

Matthew Hollern working with student

March 28, 2018

Pre-College profile: Matthew Hollern, 3D Printing + Wearable Art

'Great art is a by-product of meaningful inquiry, insight, exploration, and risk.' more

Mallory Chavez assists Barney Taxel at a shoot for chef Michael Symon

March 26, 2018

Q&A with Mallory Chavez

'I have never felt more supported and uplifted by a group of people' more

Jody Amsden assists student on Wacom tablet

March 08, 2018

Pre-College profile: Jody Amsden, Architectural Drawing

'My favorite artist would have to be Michelangelo, probably because he sees in 3D.' more

Pamela Argentieri reviews student's accessory design in the jewelry studio

March 08, 2018

Pre-College Faculty: Pamela Argentieri, 3D Printing + Wearable Art

'Being a real artist means you are open, responsive and connected with the world.' more

Brian Peterson meets with students in the Industrial Design department

March 07, 2018

Peterson '09 designs life of passion and purpose

Brian Peterson: 'I'm not actually out here to help anybody. What I'm doing is not... more


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