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October 04, 2016

Where sculpture meets technology

Q + A with Sculpture + Expanded Media major Changyeob Ok

You come from Korea. What made you choose CIA?
I had heard that CIA had famous programs in design and fine arts. I chose sculpture + expanded media as a major because it is very interactive. While you make a sculpture you can experiment with new technology. My background is actually in electronics. I have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, but I chose to get a second degree here. I often think to myself, “Am I doing good?” I chose to quit my job in Korea, and I moved to the U.S. to study art. I think CIA was a good choice for me.

How has having faculty members who are also working professionals helped you?
We have a great faculty. The professors here are also individual artists, so they have their own exhibitions in the U.S. Luckily [through a professor] one of my works was chosen to be exhibited in Los Angeles, and fortunately for me I was able to sell a piece. It was video-projection mapping on a steel plate. I have done a lot of video mapping here at CIA. Students in the department try to get internships, and we submit a lot of our works to many galleries. If you make many works and apply to those galleries, you could get a chance to exhibit your work.

What do you think of the campus environment?
I am from a big city -- Seoul, South Korea. I think Cleveland is smaller and friendlier. It feels like home to me because I really don’t like busy, big cities. And there are many good museums nearby: the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the history museums. And also there is Case Western Reserve University. They have great facilities. Fortunately, CIA students can use the facilities and equipment there, things like a laser printer and 3-D printer.

What has surprised you the most about your time at CIA and living in America?
We are not really that different. We have different languages and culture, but a lot of it feels the same to me. When I first came here, the main difference was that the food was so salty.

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Fueling up for today's final Pre-College classes and exhibition. Congrats to all the students who made such great work during your two weeks here! We'll see some of you next week when a new session begins. 🎉

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