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News . Feature Stories . Visual Arts seniors plan live video conference at MOCA


November 11, 2013

Visual Arts seniors plan live video conference at MOCA

CIA, two other art schools to tackle art-making questions

How does where you live effect the artwork you make? How will evolving technology change the way artists make work and collaborate? How does the Internet affect how artists will promote and exhibit their work?

CIA’s Visual Arts seniors will address these and other questions about art making in a live video conference (or video teleconference) with their peers from Cranbrook Academy of Art and the Savannah College of Art and Design on Sunday, Nov. 17, from 5-8 pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. The event is open to the public.

The hope is that these discussions will help emerging artists and art enthusiasts alike understand how art making happens in different places and with reference to different ideologies, the student-organizers said. The ultimate goal of these talks will be to build a framework for the people involved to understand how art functions in a larger context, and how it will develop in relation to emerging artists finding their voices.

MOCA galleries will be open from 5-6pm and the video conference starts at 6pm on MOCA's first floor main stage.

Guests are encouraged to enjoy beverages and snacks through MOCA's service bar, talk and mingle with each other, and watch and engage with the students who initiated this project. Read more at and

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