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News . Feature Stories . Summer 2020 internships: Justin Frolich


July 16, 2020

Summer 2020 internships: Justin Frolich

Justin Frolich, working from home for Contempo Designs + Communications

Justin Frohlich is an Interior Architecture major.

Justin’s internship with Contempo Designs + Communications presented a chance to work on a COVID-19 response plan packet for Warrensville City Schools as well as branding for various clients and the new Warrensville Heights Elementary School.

What has been the biggest surprise so far?

The biggest surprise has probably been the amount of work and events Contempo is able to produce during this shutdown. The interaction among customers, sponsors and speakers has resorted to all digital, however we have been discussing ways to get the community involved and still participate in an annual luncheon (live-streamed) event to discuss trauma, behavioral health and the impact it has on the business community.

How has COVID affected the experience?

I am working from home and Skype with the team every morning. There are constant check-ins and meetings throughout the day, so if I have a question or need some feedback on a piece, I will post to their communication site and I’ll get feedback within minutes.

What have you learned that will be valuable when you return to school or go out into your career?

I learned so much just in the first couple weeks, but I think my ability to work faster, not overthink concepts, and bounce ideas off of co-workers will vastly improve after my internship and continue throughout my time in school and career in design.

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