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News . Feature Stories . Student Profile: Scott Stibich '10, Sculpture


June 23, 2011

Student Profile: Scott Stibich '10, Sculpture

"At a small school like CIA, you develop stronger relationships. You know what everyone's working on-it's really influential."

ON CHOOSING CIA A creative field was the only place I could see myself for a long period of time—I wouldn’t be happy anywhere else. The original reason I chose the Cleveland Institute of Art was because the Industrial Design program is so strong. When I realized ID wasn’t for me, CIA had plenty to offer in all the other majors, and now I’m really happy in Sculpture.

ON FACULTY We have really great faculty here. I’ve been able to take a lot of different advice from a lot of different teachers—you get to know all of them.

ON CAREER CONNECTIONS I’ve been working with a CIA graduate, Mark Reigelman. He’s helped me find that middle ground where you handle yourself professionally, but still have a creative aspect to your work.

ON THE CINEMATHEQUE My favorite resource here is the Cinematheque—not many cities have anything like it. I’m really happy with it; it’s one of my biggest resources for inspiration.

ON THE CLEVELAND ART SCENE Between SPACES, the Cleveland Museum of Art, some of the galleries in Tremont and on the west side, there are a lot of really good galleries here that are nationally known. And there are great organizations like Cleveland Public Art and the Sculpture Center. They’re all good places to get started as an artist and to keep showing in.

ON THE PROJECT The Cleveland Museum of Art partnered with CIA students to create and install student artwork in their café for the duration of its Gauguin exhibition, to recreate the original café exhibition that Gauguin organized during the World’s Fair. CMA also worked with Printmaking students to create a video that demonstrated the print process of zincography, which ran during the exhibit.

It was a really good experience because it was an open proposal project. We all had to come up with a concept, write a proposal, meet their standards and requirements. We submitted the proposals to a committee of CIA faculty and graduates, museum curators, and museum administrators, who filtered through all the applications and came down to ten CIA students. I did a big installation piece. It was nice, because you get to say you were in a show at the Cleveland Museum of Art!

OTHER CIA STUDENTS INVOLVED IN THE CMA CAFÉ EXHIBIT Rachel Allen, Alex Anthes, Adrian Bertolone, Hannah Bigeleisen, Linda Ding, Emily Eckstrand, James E. Glick, Lauren Juratovac, Skye Kellerman, Will Laughlin, Casey Lawlor, Joseph Minek, Angelo Nicoletti-Eaton, Ashley Pastore, Barbara Polster, Rachel Shelton, Timothy Skehan, Scott Stibich, Liz Valasco, Molly Walker, Rebekah Wilhelm

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Fueling up for today's final Pre-College classes and exhibition. Congrats to all the students who made such great work during your two weeks here! We'll see some of you next week when a new session begins. 🎉

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