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December 17, 2019

Pre-College let her spend all day making art

Cassidy wasn’t sure what to expect from the facilities at the Cleveland Institute of Art, but two weeks into Pre-College she declared them awesome. She shared a bit about her experience as a student exploring biomedical art.

Cassidy, student interviewee

So, you didn’t know what to expect from the campus. What is it like?

It's literally better than some of the hotels that I've stayed in. Everything here is so nice, like, all the equipment, all of the residence halls, everything.

What has your Pre-College experience been like?

Overall, it's been amazing. And I've seen immediate improvements [in my work]. The staff here, they immediately help you with anything, any questions you have. They're always suggesting things that maybe you didn't see. And you're always doing something. You're never just sitting there like, kind of like, oh, I'm bored. They always keep the ball rolling. It's busy, but it's so fun.

Did your Pre-College class help your portfolio?

I already have at least two or three pieces that I'm going to add to it, and then probably some of my figurative drawings. And then we have so many projects. I didn't know I could get this many projects done in less than two weeks.

How do you like living like an art student?

It’s amazing. I'm not good at other subjects. Like, art is my main thing. It's the best part of my day in high school.

So to come here, and to have every day be just art is so awesome for me.

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