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News . Feature Stories . Pre-College courses in design and painting helped him sharpen focus


December 17, 2019

Pre-College courses in design and painting helped him sharpen focus

Karl is from Delaware, Ohio. He participated in CIA’s Pre-College two years in a row, first as a 3D Design student and more recently in painting. We caught up with him in summer of 2019 for a quick Q&A.

Student interviewee, Carl

What has your Pre-College experience been like?

It was like a whole different format for me to start off with. I had to get new experiences, new tools and ideas to put into my artwork than I [used] in a 3D design class, putting my hands and carving out stuff.

Have you always been creative?

Yeah, I have always wanted to go into art school. And especially now, I want to do it a lot more because, with every experience here, you realize who you are and what you want to do in life.

How ready for that do you feel now?

I feel like this is really preparing me for what is going to come next in my life and stuff.

Were you familiar with the neighborhood around CIA?

Yeah. I was sort of familiar with it. It was a lot different than where I live, which is more like a small town. So you get to see so many different places, and all of these museums with all this amazing artwork that you really wouldn't see anywhere else.

What do you think about living on campus?

Your RAs are really there to help you out and find where you have to be. And they have all this cool stuff going on, so you're never feeling lonely or like you're the only one in the dorm trapped with three other people that you barely know and stuff.

It's not like I have to walk the whole campus to get somewhere. It's right there. I know where I'm going. I feel comfortable. I feel safe.

What’s your advice for someone thinking of coming to Pre-College?

I'd say try it. Even if you don't want to go to art school, it's always something that gives you that experience. And that helps you realize is this is right for me? Is this not? And it's up to you. See what happens. And who knows?

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