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October 25, 2016

Making glass to educate, entertain

Cedar Point internship provides chance to grow

Heather Clancy, Preston Sheeks and Michael Mentz spent the summer blowing glass at Cedar Point

Senior Preston Sheeks was one of three CIA students who spent their summer doing glassblowing demonstrations and helping with hands-on experiences for patrons. Along with Heather Clancy and Michael Mentz, Sheeks applied for the job by doing a demo for the Glass Academy, the company that presents the Glass Blowing Experience at the amusement park.

“Each of us just made something pretty simple,” Sheeks says. “They were looking for how we talked to the crowd or another person, rather than the blowing skills.”

“A glass studio is normally designed for efficiency,” he says. “You’re very focused and trying to bust out production work as fast as you can or trying to figure out the work.

The demonstrations are designed for performance as well. We’re talking as we’re working, explaining steps as we’re going through them.”

Over time, Sheeks says, all the interns felt more confident with the performance part of the job. “I think that’s going to help me in my BFA,” he says.

He also liked the chance to inform visitors about the process, and help them understand what goes into it, and why some pieces might cost more or less, depending on the time and techniques that went into make them.

Plus, he just loves making work. “A lot of it for me is that activity, the getting up and moving. We’re always working with tools. And the physical qualities of the material are very attractive to me. I think there’s a lot of power to what glass can do.”

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Fueling up for today's final Pre-College classes and exhibition. Congrats to all the students who made such great work during your two weeks here! We'll see some of you next week when a new session begins. 🎉

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