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News . Feature Stories . Learning from everyone: Q + A with Graphic Design major Hien Nguyen


September 12, 2015

Learning from everyone: Q + A with Graphic Design major Hien Nguyen

1.) What's your earliest memory of making art?
I thought my drawing was the dumbest thing I'd ever done until my teacher showed it in front of class because he really liked it. I didn’t care about art before, but since that point, I began to fall in love with it.

2.) Did you take a lot of art classes in high school?
I took quite a few art classes in high school.

3.) Why did you choose to attend an art + design school?
I wanted to do something different than the rest of my family. More importantly, I get to do what I truly want to.

4.) What made you choose CIA?
CIA met my top 3 requirements: beautiful campus, friendly professors, and last but not least, super talented (but very humble) classmates.

5.) What made you choose your major?
I was into photography during freshman year in high school. Later, my art teacher introduced me to graphic design and I loved it as well. Photography is my natural talent, while graphic design is something I've been practicing really hard to be comfortable with, and I don't want to give up on it. Therefore, I am majoring in both at CIA.

6.) Is having your own studio important to your education?
Totally yes! It's like your second home. It's where you can get your work done, hang out, sleep, relax, and create so many awesome things that only an art student can think of. Sharing space with upper classmen is a great opportunity. They share lots of good tips and tricks to help you improve your work. CIA is all about learning from everyone, not only your professor or instructor.

7.) How are your relationships with CIA faculty different than your relationships with your high school teachers?
You get to talk with them about silly stories of food and American drama after only a few weeks.

8.) Tell us about your internship.
I had a paid freelance job as a photo/video assistant for a visiting artist from Taiwan. Helping her was an awesome experience. I now have a paid internship at a glass art studio. I get to design postcards for shows and I am working on a book project for the artist right now. I’ve learned about glass fusing techniques, glass cutting, plus Photoshop, layout design, preparing for exhibitions, marketing, running an independent business as an artist, and more. I have to work on different duties every day where I can practice different skills easily.

9.) How do you like Cleveland?
There are four different seasons in one day in Cleveland. It's strange, but that's what makes Cleveland unique.

10.) What would you say to a high school student considering attending CIA?
You will not only make art here, but you’ll also build other professional skills like leadership and communication. You will have fun and do what you want, but also deal with difficulties and challenges. You can do a little bit of everything here at CIA.

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