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October 04, 2016

Internship leads to exhibit

Q + A with Ceramics major Megan See

How did you go about choosing your major?
During foundation year when we were given our elective choices, I was really interested in the craft department and I knew that was the direction I wanted to go in. The deciding factor for ceramics was the faculty. I really like the way they work and their work ethic. And I really like the studio space here.

What were the biggest surprises for you coming to CIA?
I was surprised by CIA’s facilities for ceramics. It’s more than I ever could have imagined. In high school we had a small kiln that was electric. We didn’t have gas kilns or the opportunity to do wood-firing, or Raku-firing, or anything like that. And I’ve really been surprised by how much I’ve learned about things like making different kinds of clay, and the science and chemistry behind ceramics.

What is Creativity Works?
Creativity Works is an internship program for juniors. A student is given grant money to pursue an endeavor they are interested in for their artistic careers. You have to write up a proposal with a budget, timeline, and a statement of intent with photos of your work. Last year it was all fine arts majors who participated, and this year they opened it up more to design and craft majors, which I think is great. Usually it means working in conjunction with an established gallery, or working under a fellow artist.

What are you pursuing for Creativity Works?
I was in contact with several galleries in the Cleveland area, and I realized that I was interested in creating my own work, curating my own work, and exhibiting my own work. I want to do all three and gain professional experience with an established gallery and the broader artistic community of CIA. That’s why I wanted to reach out to Brick Ceramic and Design Studio [in the Waterloo Arts District]. It’s run by Val Grossman, who graduated from CIA in ceramics a few years ago [2012]. I wanted to work with Val and be one of the first artists to exhibit in her new gallery space. The exhibition will also be during the Waterloo Arts Festival [in June], so there will be a broader spectrum of people coming in.

How do you make a such rigorous Creativity Works schedule fit in with all of your other work?
It’s a lot of scheduling and pre-planning on my end, but I have to keep busy. That’s how I keep motivated, by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. It’s been challenging but I’m really excited for the opportunities I’ve been able to pursue. It’s difficult, but it’s what I love.

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