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News . Feature Stories . Glass majors attend conference of glass artists from US and Canada


September 26, 2014

Glass majors attend conference of glass artists from US and Canada

Annual Glass Gathering features talks, demos, networking

In early September, CIA's new Glass Department Chair Marc Petrovic ’91 brought four glass majors with him to Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Trafalgar, Ontario (outside of Toronto), for Glass Gathering 2014, a day-long event for glass artists and enthusiasts.

Gathering has a double meaning in this context, referring not only to the get-together, but also to the glass blower’s term for collecting (gathering) blobs of molten glass on the end of a pipe.

Glass Gathering 2014 included short talks, demonstrations (in flame-working, hotshop, and kiln casting), a student show, silent auction, and a “Glass Olympics.” Most importantly, Petrovic noted, the convention offered students an opportunity to network with fellow glass artists.

Accompanying him were glass majors Christian Gerena '17, Maia Stern '15, Alyzay Sikaffy '17, and Amanda Wilcox'15.

Above: Petrovic leads a workshop at Glass Gathering 2014, demonstrating his techniques for making his avian series.

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Fueling up for today's final Pre-College classes and exhibition. Congrats to all the students who made such great work during your two weeks here! We'll see some of you next week when a new session begins. 🎉

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