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October 25, 2016

Gaining insight into children's illustration

Faber-Castell internship provides new way of thinking

Elizabeth Beatty’s position with Ohio-based Faber-Castell was in Creativity for Kids, a division that produces craft activity products. She worked on final details for packages, mounted images and made product samples.

“Given that I’m interested in children’s illustration, I liked the fact that the products were for children,” Beatty says. “They do a lot of trend research about things that are current and selling. They apply those to their products a lot. That’s not something I’ve thought about, but now that it’s come to my attention, I’m noticing it in products.“

Having that insight into the ebb and flow of market trends will help her think that way in her career, Beatty says.

Right now? “Emojis are really big. [Faber-Castell] has started incorporating them into their products. You see them everywhere.”

Among her best experiences this summer was having her designs chosen for production.

“That was really exciting for me, because it made me feel like they appreciate what I’m doing for them. I gave them nine illustrations and they ended up picking three of them.”

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