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August 29, 2017

Design internship emphasized team approach

Brandon Rodriguez's internship "helped me expand my knowledge on what my major is/does and how the field really works."

Brandon Rodriguez at work with a college at Farm.

Brandon Rodriguez ’18 is an Industrial Design major who spent the summer at Farm, a New Hampshire design firm, where his projects ranged from wearable consumer-based products to medical carts and machinery.

“Most of the projects I've worked have required a team effort, constant communication and meetings that have helped me grow as a designer and learn more about the consultancy world, from quick brainstorm ideation to final proposal,” Rodriguez said.

His CIA design education serves him well, but engaging side by side with professionals filled out his understanding of what it means to be an industrial designer. “I have a better idea about working with a client and how those relationships are managed in a professional setting,” Rodriguez said.

“The most challenging part has been voicing my opinions in a room full of executives and more experienced co-workers,” he added. “But in working with a team and getting to know them has made me more confident to speak out.”

The internship also provided insight into how to both work hard and relax. In 10 years, Rodriguez said, “I will still remember the times Farm held company barbeques and many other outings, where I went from intensely working on a sketch/render to going outside and playing corn hole with the executives, eating with my coworkers, and then an hour later back to work.”

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