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News . Feature Stories . Animation major lives the dream for a summer at NBCUniversal


October 03, 2016

Animation major lives the dream for a summer at NBCUniversal

"Every single day was the best day"

Daniel Sevcik learned "how many different, talented people it takes in order to bring a single show to life."

Scoring a summer internship at NBC in New York was the answer to a long-held dream for Cleveland Institute of Art Animation major Daniel Sevcik.

“I have always loved NBC as a network,” Sevcik says. “I love shows like ‘SNL’ and

‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Friends,’ and I grew up watching those. NBCUniversal also has such a strong reputation for being one of the leading media and entertainment companies. So I always had this hope that one day I would be able to work at 30 Rock and be a part of the incredible legacy they’ve built.”

Sevcik applied for several intern positions there to better his odds and landed as a creative intern in the print department at Bravo cable network. There, he worked with the marketing department to create artwork and help manage social media.

“I have definitely learned more about graphic design in general, and what sets apart a good logo from a great logo,” he says. “I have learned to really explore a typeface and not to be afraid to alter it and really make it unique.”

The work set new challenges for Sevcik, especially making new artwork that fit with the established branding.

“They have branded themselves so well that if I made any art that looked slightly off or didn’t fit within their guidelines, I would have to start over,” he says. “Also, the process of creating logos is very time consuming. There are endless revisions and tweaks to keep making.”

The payoff, though, was being part of a family of accomplished, creative people.

“I was able to absorb so much information about the industry, and how things work during my time as an intern,” he says. “I’ve gotten so many words of wisdom and stories from people who have been in this industry for so long and it really is just inspiring and it makes me want to be in their shoes some day.

“I was also able to sit in on a talk from Steve Burke, who is the CEO of NBCUniversal,” he says. “He just gave a lot of invaluable advice about building a career for yourself and to let things happen organically in your life.”

Best day on the job?

“Probably my first day at 30 Rock. Walking through the front doors and taking the elevators up was surreal. And getting to experience the life at NBC was incredible that first day. I even got to see the Saturday Night Live studio that day!

“Honestly, though, every single day was the best day. I have gotten to meet so many amazing and funny people and we're all such great friends now. It's very exciting to be with a group of people who share the same passion for television and entertainment as I do.”

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