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Jess Williams

CIA News Highlight

April 25, 2019

Spring Show visiting artist: Jess Williams

“We are always looking for interns and I try to pick my interns from CIA all of the time, every year.”

By Jessica Moore

Jess Williams, art director at American Greetings Interactive, visited CIA during Spring Show to talk about her career path and to offer advice to students on landing a position or internship. She spoke candidly about the not-so-glamorous positions in her early career and also the hustle she put in before landing her current position, one that she’s passionate about. After her talk, she sat down with us for a Q&A.

How did you hear about Spring Show?
Anthony Scalmato (assistant professor and chair of Animation) reached out and asked me to speak about American Greetings, which is something I’m...

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Rubelowsky working as technical specialist in glass

April 23, 2019

Combining his love for glass, wood, and making

Mark Rubelowsky is about five years older than the average college senior, but he's been... more

Student working in Printmaking department

April 17, 2019

Printmaking and propaganda

A 9-year-old course helps artists find their voices on issues close to their hearts. more

Leah Trznadel working in the paper studio

March 28, 2019

CIA senior awarded prize to create artists books

Leah Trznadel on bookmaking, photography, and her senior year more

Harper portrait

March 20, 2019

William Harper: The Beautiful & the Grotesque

The master metalsmith has spent a lifetime making magic with high and low materials --... more

LeWitt drawing 436A

March 19, 2019

CIA artists continue what conceptualist LeWitt started years ago

Two large drawings designed decades ago by conceptual artist Sol LeWitt have come to life... more

Portrait of Fitzpatrick by Robert Muller/CIA.

March 12, 2019

Smitten by textiles, Fitzpatrick designs a vibrant career

"Textiles are all around us. They are the background music of our lives." more


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