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Media Coverage

February 21, 2018

Brandon Secrest: From Navy SEAL to student sculptor

Brandon Secrest is a 36-year-old sophomore at the Cleveland Institute of Art who joined the institute after more than a decade in the U.S. Navy, much of it as a Navy SEAL. more


January 31, 2018

For Dana Schutz, a new show

Feelings are still raw around the work of Dana Schutz, whose painting of Emmett Till in an open casket - hard to look at, even in reproduction - provoked uproar when it appeared last year in the Whitney... more

Sebastian Smee for The Washington Post

November 30, 2017

'Coco' character talked to Cleveland Institute of Art students

Often, someone working in animation was once a kid filling a notebook with sketched images and maybe even creating very basic animation with a flipbook. Not Christian Hoffman. “When I was growing up, I loved cartoons,” says Hoffman, character supervisor... more

Mark Meszoros for The News-Herald

November 27, 2017

Cleveland Institute of Art dives into rich complexity of contemporary art from Cuba

The lurch back toward Cold War alienation hasn't stopped the Cleveland Institute of Art from mounting a spirited look at contemporary art from Cuba, now on view through Dec. 15 in Reinberger Gallery. more

Steven Litt for the Plain Dealer

November 24, 2017

Cleveland artists bring colorful collaboration to life in Vagabond Comics

For Sequoia Bostick and Amalia DeGirolamo, the recipe for comic-book creation has always been to mix things up. When they launched their Vagabond Comics anthology series two years ago, they wanted to draw in contributions from all ages... more

Nikki Delamotte for

November 20, 2017

Coco director created concept for latest Pixar movie

"Coco"is the latest Pixar 3-D, computer-animated, musical fantasy adventure for kids and adults alike. And it has a local tie. "Coco" director and story idea creator Lee Unkrich is an alumnus of Chagrin Falls High School. more

Michael Heaton for the Plain Dealer


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