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September 13, 2018

Does a Hedgehog Hold the Key to Reducing Head Injury Risk?

Over the past decade, scientists have made significant discoveries in understanding the true impact of concussions on the brain. Research uncovering the lasting long-term effects of head trauma has led to increased attention on the subject. Concussions have... more


August 31, 2018

Sarah Krisher Studio's Bling Makes Statements

From a young age, Sarah Krisher was fascinated with the creation of things — especially while studying leaves in the woods with her father. “He went into depth about how they were created, pointed out all of their... more

Cleveland Magazine

August 12, 2018

CIA's Great Lakes Research puts region's art FRONT and center

Certain images may come to mind when considering the art culture in different parts of the United States—the East and West Coasts, or the Desert Southwest. But what stands out about artistic culture in the Great Lakes region? more

Karin Connelly Rice for Fresh Water Cleveland

August 09, 2018

City Slickers: Cleveland's first FRONT Triennial

An international art triennial in Cleveland: how about that for an oxymoron? It’s an understatement to say that Cleveland lacks the glamour of other festival-hosting cities: Venice’s sun-dappled canals, Berlin’s world-class gallery scene, the all-around intrigue of São... more

Alex Greenberger for ArtNews

August 03, 2018

Report examines the future of art in Cuyahoga County

Just as a new football season kicks off, the arts community in Cuyahoga County has a new playbook. "Elevating the Influence of Arts and Culture: A Cleveland Playbook," is a history of the Community Partnership for Arts and... more

Jay Miller for Crain's Cleveland Business

August 01, 2018

Matthew Sweeney: Hands On

Matthew Sweeney draws large pictures of hands with a soft pencil, solo portraits that constitute what he calls a “history of the skin.” He exhibits these drawings in places such as the Trudy Wiesenberger Gallery a more

Canvas Magazine


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