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December 03, 2018

Cleveland Institute of Art draws inspiration from little boy with big dreams

Eight-year-old Adam Szudarek is battling cancer, and his special wish is to become an artist. more

Sia Nyorker for CBS 19 News

December 03, 2018

Clotilde Jiménez: Apple of My Eye

Many gathered in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery for the opening of Clotilde Jiménez’s show, Apple of My Eye, on Thursday evening. An exhibit dedicated to showing what it is like “loving and desiring the other sex and the... more

Chamidae Ford for The Daily of the University of Washington

November 25, 2018

Spaces hits trifecta with new exhibitions

ike Pop artist Robert Rauschenberg, Cleveland artist Sarah Kabot apparently hates to throw newspapers away. Instead, she turns them into art. more

Steven Litt for the Plain Dealer

September 18, 2018

5 New Designers to Watch

Hailing from New York, London and Paris, these emerging talents will show their debut collections this month. more

The New York Times

September 13, 2018

Does a Hedgehog Hold the Key to Reducing Head Injury Risk?

Over the past decade, scientists have made significant discoveries in understanding the true impact of concussions on the brain. Research uncovering the lasting long-term effects of head trauma has led to increased attention on the subject. Concussions have... more


August 31, 2018

Sarah Krisher Studio's Bling Makes Statements

From a young age, Sarah Krisher was fascinated with the creation of things — especially while studying leaves in the woods with her father. “He went into depth about how they were created, pointed out all of their... more

Cleveland Magazine


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