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January 01, 2019

3 Questions: Brian Michael Bendis

When Brian Michael Bendis announced he was leaving Marvel Comics to join rival DC Comics in November, it created a sensation not only among passionate comic book fans but in the mainstream media as well. more

Ohio Magazine

December 26, 2018

A Flight Inspired by Nature

Artist Mark Reigelman II has designed three permanent site-specific installations at San Diego International Airport, made from screens that showcase various plane designs. more

The Contemporist

December 07, 2018

CIA's ThinkCraft: Fresh Takes crafts a new appreciation for modern makers

If the word “craft” brings to mind Pinterest projects or hot glue guns, you’re not alone.“For people who don’t know that much about the art world, they have a notion of Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, or going to... more

Jen Jones Donatelli for FreshWater Cleveland

December 07, 2018

Art & Life with Melinda Lszczysnski

Melinda, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and grew up in Cleveland, OH, an amazingly underrated city, surrounded by art. My parents took... more

December 03, 2018

Cleveland Institute of Art flexes alumni prowess in ThinkCraft

Any show on contemporary crafts inevitably raises questions about where to draw the line between fine art and crafts, and how crafts ought to be defined. The Cleveland Institute of Art’s Reinberger Gallery has corralled a dandy, svelte exhibition,... more

Steven Litt for the Plain Dealer

December 03, 2018

Cleveland Institute of Art draws inspiration from little boy with big dreams

Eight-year-old Adam Szudarek is battling cancer, and his special wish is to become an artist. more

Sia Nyorker for CBS 19 News


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