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Media Coverage

April 19, 2018

Tim Callaghan at Cleveland's LaSalle arts and culture site

Timothy Callaghan's painting is about place. And over the last six years, he's strolled through the East 185th St. neighborhood he's called home and documented it on paper. For Callaghan, it's the little details - the small, everyday... more

Nikki Delamotte for

April 19, 2018

Win a trip to see Inflatable in San Francisco

Step inside and wonder at gigantic, fantastical air-filled artworks at Inflatable. Spread across more than 650 hands-on interactive exhibits in the Exploratorium’s indoor and outdoor galleries, these ephemeral sculptures include otherworldly organisms by Jason Hackenwerth and Shih Chieh... more


April 10, 2018

Cheryl Saban turns her artistry to glass blowing

The studio where Cheryl Saban works is located in an industrial area in El Segundo that has lately become a haven for artists and artisans. more

Amy Ephron for Vogue

March 13, 2018

Cleveland photographer Amber Nicole Ford examines identity through evocative portraits: PERSONA

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Amber Nicole Ford was a teen at Brush High School when she realized she loved to be behind the camera. There was something special about spending time in the darkroom and capturing moments in black... more

Nikki Delamotte for

February 23, 2018

Artist Simon Denny uses board games to explore how business affects culture

Have you ever thought of board games as art? It’s the medium of choice for artist Simon Denny. The Germany-based artist reimagined popular board games to explore how business- particularly tech- affects culture. more

February 21, 2018

Brandon Secrest: From Navy SEAL to student sculptor

Brandon Secrest is a 36-year-old sophomore at the Cleveland Institute of Art who joined the institute after more than a decade in the U.S. Navy, much of it as a Navy SEAL. more



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