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Jordi Rowe: The Metaphysics of the Sublime

March 18
March 27 2022

Where Cleveland Institute of Art, Ann and Norman Roulet Student + Alumni Gallery

"Blue" (detail) by Jordi Rowe

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The Metaphysics of the Sublime, a solo exhibition by Painting junior Jordi Rowe, will be on view March 18–27 in the Ann and Norman Roulet Student + Alumni Gallery. Join us for an opening event from 5 to 8pm Friday, March 18.

Exhibition statement by Rowe
I am an artist that paints metaphysical environments that we experience as a boundless universe. A sumptuous realm where colors and materials collide to provide breathing space. Paintings so juicy and tactile, they provide a moment of unexpected fixation; a materiality and color feast for your eyes. You are given a five-minute rest when you look at these paintings, perhaps more, as you lose yourself in their flow.

The materiality and color choice acts like a lure, you want to touch and feel the paint. The texture and partnership with gravity in the process draws your eye into the created space. The multitude of layers, thick and thin viscosities and plethora of materials interact to form a foreground and background. Thick honey-like drips of paint and bold brush marks disclose the cooperation between the hand of the artist and gravity as a counterpart. The sheer variety of materials and mediums admixed with paint provide you with a visual playground. You cannot help but contemplate how the work was created and of what materials as you experience a shift of perspective. This sublime environment allows you to experience a break from your hectic life; a moment when the next thing to rush to is forgotten.

In our current cultural environment, the idea of space has taken on a new meaning. Distancing from one another for safety, we turn to our inner selves for comfort. We should all be turning to the bold colors and rich textures of my paintings. By presenting sumptuous spaces as safe places these paintings beckon and stand in response to our current uncertain environment. They are meant to facilitate meditation and through suggestions of the sublime give you, the viewer a rest, a small piece of peace in today's chaotic world.


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Cleveland Institute of Art
Ann and Norman Roulet Student + Alumni Gallery
11610 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106

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