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Breaking the pattern
Screening on CIA's Digital Media Mesh

November 12
November 29 2018

Where Cleveland Institute of Art, Toby Lewis Media Mesh

Still of video installation by artist Alsino Skowronne
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An eight-minute video installation by German artist Alsino Skowronne titled Breaking the Pattern is screening on the Cleveland Institute of Art’s outdoor digital media mesh through November 29, 2018.

The artwork explores and represents gun violence patterns in Cleveland and offers a new visual vocabulary and perspective on an issue that some have come to accept as a reality in an urban environment.

The algorithmically generated video displays all days in 2018 in which different forms of gun violence have been reported in the city, based on near real-time data from the Gun Violence Archive. Each square represents a single day in 2018, starting with January 1 in the top left corner and ending on November 10 in the bottom right corner. Each day with reported gun violence is highlighted in a different shade of blue according to the type of incident, with darker hues indicating more or heavier gun violence.

Alsino Skowronnek is a Berlin-based data artist and maker of visual things. He has worked for organizations around the world, always at the intersection of data visualization and socioeconomic issues. He has collaborated with Google, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and VICE.

Media mesh hours are:
Monday through Friday, 8am-9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am–9:30pm


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Cleveland Institute of Art
Toby Lewis Media Mesh
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Cleveland, OH 44106

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