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Continuing Education . Pre-College . Classes . Designing for Interior Spaces 

Designing for Interior Spaces

Have you ever thought about why the spaces around us – from the design, layout, furnishings, flow and movement – function the way they do? Explore the fundamentals of interior architecture and design in residential and commercial interior spaces.

Session 1: July 7–19, 2024

In this design-process oriented course, you will be encouraged to develop imaginative and responsible design solutions to problems created by the physical limitations of the built environment. With an emphasis on residential and commercial interior spaces, you’ll build specific knowledge and skills applicable across Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, and Industrial Design disciplines, including conducting research, sketching and drawing, visual communication, layout, composition, and prototyping.

You'll engage in hands-on studio projects that explore the fundamentals of design and space planning, such as drafting, rendering, perspective drawing, and material selections which will be used to develop projects of your choice.


Students will begin with a design problem of their choice, and will brainstorm contemporary and innovative ways to resolve that challenge throughout the course. The first week will focus on the elements and principles of design in relation to interior design and architecture, including drafting, space planning, sustainable and green design concepts, material selection (furnishings, fixtures and equipment), and perspective. Concept sketches and inspiration boards with visual imagery, development of plan concepts, and creating layouts and floorplans in traditional and digital media will be core projects. Discussion of graphic design principles as they apply to the built environment will further allow you to consider brand design for your space.

During the second week, you will learn about and create storyboards and graphic elements, render techniques for display of your final designs, add finishing touches into your environments, and develop a professional presentation of your completed work.