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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Pre-College . Classes . Inventive Design 

Inventive Design

Learn to see things differently, solve problems creatively, and bring your ideas and solutions to life: the key principles to Inventive Design.


This course focuses on designing products and vehicles for fictional characters of your creation; an explorer on a distant world, a warrior from a different time, or an adventurer in uncharted territory. 

 In this course, you will design the tools for survival (products, tools, gear, or vehicles) using realistic design processes (researching, conceptualizing, and refining). Through creative storytelling and maybe magical thinking, you’ll develop the hard industrial design skills needed for realistic applications: concepting, drafting, presenting, and bringing your 2D ideas to 3-dimensional life.

 This class will challenge your understanding of function with awareness of form, color, texture, line, and ergonomics. The course will conclude with your personal project presentation, complete with concept sketches, renderings of the final design, and a physical model.


The first week of this course will focus on the tools and equipment an industrial designer uses, including CIA’s state-of-the-art fabrication and wood shop. Students will brainstorm and research their target user group, the find inspiration for the type of product or design they want to create. During week two, students will have a completed concept board and will begin creating a mock-up of their design using clay or foam.

Projects and topics that will be explored include shop safety, mind-mapping, concept sketching, the study of ergonomics and manufacturing process, model building with clay and foam, pitching your design and professional display of a finished piece.