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Graphic Design

Graphic design (also referred to as communication design) takes into account the importance of clear visual communication.

Session 2: July 21–August 2, 2024

As our methods of communication become increasingly mobile, we rely even more on design to communicate in creative and engaging ways.

Everywhere we look, graphic design is a part of everything— from signs, to books and packaging, advertisements and logos, television commercials and websites—you name it!

As designers, we will use a visual and strategic thought process to come up with solutions for real world, practical problems. You will get an inside look at the designer’s process from concept to branding to application. We will explore the design principles of typography and visual organization, and the role they play in graphic design.

The latest technology and computer software will be utilized to build your technical skills. Communication skills and techniques for presenting your ideas will be emphasized as well. You will receive a broadened view of the graphic design field and the impact that it (and you!) can have on society.


Students will explore various combinations of traditional and digital design tools through a series of intensive studio exercises. The first week of the course will focus on understanding design basics, including the combination of type, image, color and shape in an engaging composition. During the second week, students will put their new skills to the test by creating a package, logo and poster design.

Projects and topics that will be explored include the history and classifications of typography, the principles of composition and visual organization, professional practices and display for designs, using the Adobe Creative Suite, and discussion of portfolio development.

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