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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Pre-College . Classes . Glassblowing 


Discover what it means to be a craft artist and entrepreneur in the contemporary craft world.


With an emphasis on techniques, good habits, problem solving methods, and the importance of teamwork, this course will equip students with the fundamentals needed to create a variety of glass forms. We will cover shop safety and etiquette, tool function, gathering and shaping glass, bubble setup, blown forms, color application, cold working techniques, and open-faced plaster mold for casting. Our goal is for each student to manipulate the bubble into a blown form, texture at least one sphere, and create an open-faced plaster mold for casting a glass tile.

Instruction time will be split between demonstrations and lots of hands on individual attention, and will also include discussion of glass history and the properties of glass. You will leave with a firm grasp of how to use glass and what it means to be a craft artist and entrepreneur in the contemporary craft world.


The first week of this course will focus on shop safety, and becoming familiar with the tools and equipment used to manipulate glass. Students will practice gathering, blowing and shaping glass forms. Through demos and practice, students will begin to plan for their final projects, which will be completed during week two.

Projects and topics that will be explored include hot-shop safety, gathering and shaping glass, blown forms, color application, and plaster mold making for casting.

Craft Scholarships

The Continuing Education department will award three $1,000 scholarships to students applying for the Glassblowing, Sculpture + 3D Design, Wearable Art + Jewelry, or Print + Ceramics courses. To be considered, applications must be submitted by February 15, 2020 and include a copy of the most recent tax return of whomever claims the student as a dependent. 


Zac Gorell has been a studio glass artist for over 15 years. Zac works with blown and fused glass and has taught and exhibited internationally. After beginning his career locally at Superior Hot Glass, he attended workshops at trade schools like Penland School of Crafts. Zac’s artistic pursuits include working for Corning Museum of Glass, teaching glass blowing in Taiwan, traveling Europe, the Caribbean, and most recently building a glass community and new personal work in South Florida. He currently works as the Technical Specialist in the Glass Department at CIA. Check out more of Zac's work at

Shayna Roth Pentecost began her journey with glass at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She continued her studies at the Penland School of Crafts and the Corning Museum of Glass with teachers such as Pino Signeretto, Ruth King, Paul Marioni and many others. From there Shayna apprenticed with William and Katherine Bernstien (Glass), Harvey Littleton (vitreography) and Richard Ritter (glass). Now living in Cleveland, she is a studio artist creating work and teaching at Superior Hot Glass.