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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Pre-College . Classes . 2D Design Color + Form 

2D Design: Color + Form

Experience a class similar to one you would take in your first year at CIA.


In this introductory course, students will explore a variety of materials and processes, including experimental mark making, collage, and site-specific installation. These methods of creation will allow you to develop a better visual understanding of design and craft, and you’ll discover how line, form, color and composition act as the building blocks for your art.

Through group discussion students will develop the tools necessary to problem solve their ideas. The course will primarily focus on 2D design, but may also include some 3D design problem solving as well. This course is great for students interested in building a portfolio for college application.


The first week of this course will build students’ foundation skills in the basic principles of design, including color, composition, line, mark and shape. Students will gain an understanding of how these elements create the building blocks to a successful piece of work. The second session will focus on pattern, texture and the use of negative/positive space to create a dynamic and interesting image. The final project will combine all of these skills into an installation-based piece.

Projects and topics that will be explored include applying design principles to two-dimensional work, gestalt theory, color theory, abstract versus representational design, geometric design, space value relationships, contemporary artists and practices, and designing and constructing a site-specific installation.


Natalie Petrosky is an artist living and working in Cleveland, OH. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing at the University of Tennessee and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with an Honors Thesis in Glass from the School of Art at Kent State University in Kent, OH. Natalie was born and raised in Akron, OH.