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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

Experimental Projects in Ceramics

Course No. CECR 700 00
Cost $345 Register Now
Sessions 8
Location Cleveland Institute of Art
Dates June 5 - July 24 (Tuesdays) – 6 - 9pm
Location: Cleveland Institute of Art

Have you ever wanted to try out handbuilding techniques in your clay studio? Or are you eyeing an experimental glaze combination, or want to get reps in on the wheel? In this course ceramic students will have the opportunity to focus on a specific project or technique, with guidance from an instructor. As a material, clay provides endless possibilities for exploration; this is the perfect place to test those methods and create something truly unique. Propose a project to develop throughout the course using the resourceful, open-studio environment of the CIA ceramics facilities. Please bring in sketches of your proposed project and inspirations on the first day of class. Please bring dry cleaning or garbage bags for covering your works in progress. Clay and tools are available in class for purchase.

About the instructor:

Lynne Norwood Lofton received her BS in Art Education from Northern Illinois University and after moving to Ohio, attended the Cleveland Institute of Art in the Ceramics program. She has been a ceramic artist and teacher for over 35 years, exhibiting in galleries throughout the Midwest. Sixteen years ago, Lynne founded TerraVista Studios in the Cleveland Arts Quarter, and has been working there ever since.

Intro to Blacksmithing

Course No. CESC 130
Cost $375 Register Now
Sessions 8
Instructor Steve Smolinski
Dates June 5- July 24 (Tuesdays) – 6-9pm

Light a fire and swing a hammer. Learn how to forge steel! In this class students will learn the essentials of blacksmithing. Using our gas forge, we will learn how to heat and forge steel using the processes of upsetting, tapering, fullering, forming scrolls, and ornamental twists. We will also cover several techniques for forming steel without heat. Students will then get to make one functional piece and one decorative/nonfunctioanl piece of iron work. Come willing to learn and we will make the anvil ring.

Jewelry + Metals: Acid Etching

Course No. CEJM 200 00
Cost $370 Register Now
Sessions 8
Instructor Lyanne Torres
Dates June 6 - August 1 (Wednesdays) – 6pm - 9pm

Etching is the process of using a chemical acid to corrode or eat away at the surface of metal. It can be used as a surface finish or a reservoir for a colored patina or enamel. The etching process works very well with bold graphic images or fine detailed drawings. We will be working with nitric acid for tray etching and ferric chloride and ferric nitrate with our spray etchers. We will also go over how someone could make a DIY “bubble etcher.” Come with photographs, drawings, or patterns.

Sewing for Beginners

Course No. CEFM 100 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates June 7 - July 26 (Thursdays) – 6pm - 9pm

In this course, you will learn the basics of hand sewing and machine sewing. Students will practice basic techniques by first making alterations to old clothes, turning something worn into something new by adding or subtracting elements. We will review pattern making by creating a unique stuffed animal or plush, then by creating a new piece of clothing from a pattern. We'll also explore different techniques used to dye fabric to create interesting effects. At the end of the class, you will take the knowledge that you have gained and come up with one final project that combines all of the techniques and processes you've learned. No prior sewing knowledge necessary, come with sketches and ideas. This adult course is also open to students in grades 10-12.

Steel Fabrication: MIG Welding

Course No. CESC 150 00
Cost $400 Register Now
Sessions 8
Instructor Zak Smoker
Dates June 7-July 26 (Thursdays) – 6-9pm

This course will function as an introductory level overview of basic MIG welding and steel fabrication techniques. The first three weeks of the class will focus on fundamental projects where students will become familiar with the processes and tools for working with steel. In the final five weeks, students will work on an individual project that they propose based on the principals and techniques covered. Functional and purely sculptural works are all encouraged, come ready to work.

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