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Cinematheque . Film Schedule . Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven

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Fassbinder and his Friends

Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven

Mutter Küsters' Fahrt Zum Himmel
Germany | 1975 | R. W. Fassbinder

An older, lower middle class woman whose husband commits a murder/suicide at the factory where he works suddenly finds herself politicized—and also exploited by opportunists and operators on all sides of the political spectrum. Fassbinder’s scathing, equal-opportunity satire proved controversial to both the Left and the Right. It was even shot with two endings: a “happy” one, as originally written, for America, and a “radical” one, as originally shot, for Germany. We will show both.

Subtitles. 35mm color print. 120 min.

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Saturday 12/20
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