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Cinematheque . 2/17-21: The Man From London, Odd Man Out, Uncertainty At The Capitol & More!

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2/17-21: The Man From London, Odd Man Out, Uncertainty At The Capitol & More!

02/16/10  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Bela Tarr's back and the Cinematheque's got him! See THE MAN FROM LONDON Three years after it debuted at Cannes, we've finally landed Bela Tarr's THE MAN FROM LONDON , his first (and only) feature since his 2000 masterpiece "The Werckmeister Harmonies." Moodily, beautifully shot in black-and-white with long takes and serpentine camera movements (what else would you expect from the director of "Satantango"?), Tarr's new film is based on a Georges Simenon crime novel. It tells of a railroad worker who witnesses a waterfront murder and ends up with a suitcase full of cash, which he hides from his wife (Tilda Swinton). Though Tarr is Hungarian, Simenon was Belgian, so we will show a new 35mm print of Tarr's preferred version, which is in French (and English) with subtitles. Watch the trailer , and then see a new 35mm print of the whole two-hour-and-15-minute film (short by Tarr's standards) this Saturday or Sunday night. UNMADE BEDS: young foreigners live the bohemian life in London's East End In UNMADE BEDS , two young transplants, a Spanish man and a French woman, living the Boho life in the same London East End warehouse eventually cross paths. This lovely, lyrical movie by young Argentine director Alexis Dos Santos evokes the spirit of the French New Wave (and other youth cinema), as you can see from the British trailer. Although we designated it "subtitled" in our printed calendar, the movie is mostly in English. Catch it Thursday or Friday in the only 35mm print in the U.S.! Cinematheque returns to Capitol Theatre with innovative indie drama UNCERTAINTY A flip of a coin on the Brooklyn Bridge propels Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins into two distinct (and very different) narratives taking place on either side of the span in the innovative new indie drama UNCERTAINTY , showing Wednesday night at 7:30 pm at the Capitol Theatre at 1390 W. 65th Street (W. 65th and Detroit). Here's the trailer . This is the third time the Cinematheque has shown movies at the Capitol; the last time, in January, the film "Collapse" sold out and we had to add a second show! But this time we're back in the theatre's big auditorium, so a sellout seems unlikely. But if you want to be safe, you can purchase advance tickets at the Cleveland Cinemas website Regular Cinematheque admission prices apply. ODD MAN OUT: another great noir thriller from the director of "The Third Man" James Mason plays a wounded IRA gunman stumbling through the streets of Belfast, looking for help while avoiding the police, in Carol Reed's 1947 suspense classic ODD MAN OUT . See this four-star movie (made two years before Reed's "The Third Man," which we will show in March) in a new 35mm print this Saturday or Sunday. UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US illuminates twisted world of Norwegian "black metal" Norwegian "black metal" was a 1990s Nordic offshoot of heavy metal that migrated from music, makeup, and pagan imagery to valdalism, church-burning, and killing. The new documentary UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US , showing to adults only on Saturday and Sunday, explores the black metal scene via interviews with some of the movement's key players, one of whom is currently serving a 21-year prison sentence for arson and murder! Harmony Korine also makes an appearance. Hirohito falls to earth in Sokurov's THE SUN A new film by the great Aleksandr Sokurov ("Russian Ark," "Mother and Son") is always an event, and THE SUN , the Russian director's portrait of Japan's Emperor Hirohito during the waning days of WWII, is one of his best. Sokurov depicts the soon-to-be-humbled-and-humanized "divine" ruler (a descendant of the sun goddess, according to Japanese tradition) in his isolated compound, as it is breached by invading Americans and General Douglas MacArthur himself. According to Fred Camper in the Chicago Reader, the film "is a melancholy meditation on power and its loss." Print this email and present it at the box office on Thursday or Friday and see this movie that has an overall score of 84 for only $6 ($5 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit of two discount admissions per print-out) Films This Week Wed., Feb. 17, at 7:30 pm UNCERTAINTY Shown at the Capitol Theatre, 1390 W. 65th St.Thu., Feb. 18, at 6:45 pm Fri., Feb. 19, at 9:45 pm UNMADE BEDS Thu., Feb. 18, at 8:40 pm Fri., Feb. 19, at 7:30 pm THE SUN Sat., Feb. 20, at 5:00 pm Sun., Feb. 21, at 4:00 pm ODD MAN OUT Sat., Feb. 20, at 7:15 pm Sun., Feb. 21, at 8:25 pm THE MAN FROM LONDON Sat., Feb. 20, at 9:50 pm Sun., Feb. 21, at 6:30 pm UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US Films Next Week Thu., Feb. 25, at 6:30 pm Fri., Feb. 26, at 11:45 pm WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES Thu., Feb. 25, at 8:10 pm Fri., Feb. 26, at 9:00 pm NIGHT AND DAY Sat., Feb. 27, at 5:15 pm Sun., Feb. 28, at 4:00 pm BRIGHTON ROCK Sat., Feb. 27, at 7:10 pm Sun., Feb. 28, at 8:45 pm MAMMOTH Sat., Feb. 27, at 9:35 pm Sun., Feb. 28, at 6:30 pm DISENGAGEMENT The Cinematheque The Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106 Phone: (216) 421-7450

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