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U.S. Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action

06/30/23  |  Posted by Kathryn Heidemann  |  Posted in President

The Cleveland Institute of Art was founded on the principle of empowerment. We opened in 1882 as the Western Reserve School of Design for Women and provided an education to those who, historically, had been...

Refreshed Perspectives

01/20/23  |  Posted by Kathryn Heidemann  |  Posted in President

January 20, 2023 It's my pleasure to welcome you back to campus for another exciting semester of learning and creativity at CIA. Over winter break, I hope you took advantage of opportunities to connect with...

Student loan payments paused through June 30, 2023

11/28/22  |  Posted by Marlon Jones  |  Posted in Financial Aid

UPDATE: The one-time federal student loan cancellation program is currently blocked by federal court orders. Applications are not being accepted at this time, but the Department of Education is seeking to overturn the orders. If you...

Cleveland Public Library adds old Cinematheque calendars to its online Digital Gallery

10/25/22  |  Posted by John Ewing  |  Posted in Cinematheque

By John Ewing Did you ever wonder what films the Cinematheque showed before you started attending our screenings? If so, the answer is now only a few mouse clicks away. In September, the Cleveland Public Library...

Cinematheque goes back to origin of movies with screenings via the ‘magic lantern’

10/17/22  |  Posted by John Ewing  |  Posted in

Image of showman and magic lantern projector

Local writer Jeff Piorkowski previews a live magic lantern show taking place at the Cinematheque on Oct. 20, 2022. Read the story online.

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