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Blog . Alumni Stories: Amanda Berry ’21


Alumni Stories: Amanda Berry ’21

02/02/24  |  Posted by Anthony Scalmato  |  Posted in Animation

Animation alum Amanda Berry, class of 2021, discusses their career and time at CIA.

Where do you live and what are you doing to stay creative these days?

I work remotely from my home in Parma Ohio (Greater Cleveland), These days I stay creative by life drawing everywhere I go and making sure to take time to make some personal artwork. I also craft with felt and make little felt animals 😊

What’s been your most satisfying professional accomplishment since attending CIA?

Working for Sesame Street has been a full circle moment for me as I was super inspired by these silly little monsters growing up. It has been such an honor to be able to contribute to the childhood of the new generations with a series I watched myself as a kid.

What are your creative/professional goals for the future?

Overall, I would say my biggest goal is to be able to continue doing what I love and support myself and loved ones doing it while making a positive impact in the world.

How did CIA help prepare you for your current role?

CIA helped me prepare myself for the standards of the industry by teaching me what questions to ask and when to ask them; how to network with others and to identify techniques that could help me to grow as an artist.

Was there a specific piece of instruction or advice you received from a faculty member that's proven especially helpful? If so, please share what it was and who provided it.

All of my professors have given me great instruction! I am very grateful for all of the instruction I received from Anthony Scalmato, David Schwartz, Lincoln Adams, Sheila Heyman-Schwartz and Jeff Harter regarding animation, acting and design. These folks particularly had energy talking about the Animation industry in a way that made it feel less commercial and really helped me to understand a work/art/life balance. I will forever remember the phrase “You will draw 1,000 bad drawings before you draw 1 good one” from Lincoln.

What's your fondest memory of being a part of the CIA community?

Walking into the building every day at any time of day and feeling a sense of community, acceptance and energy surrounding me. The folks at CIA—faculty and students alike,—all do an amazing job of customizing the school to feel like a place where you can freely express yourself artistically and emotionally. It is a safe space to be yourself.

What advice might you offer to current or prospective CIA students interested in charting a career path similar to yours?

Remember why you want to be in this field. While sharing your passion with others and inspiring folks with your work, always remember why you want to do it. It can be daunting as animation itself is an industry and sometimes acts like one but remember at the end of the day to be true to your authentic self when sharing your passion. You are separate from your work—always aim to learn and grow from where you currently are and remember to go outside every now and then.

View examples of Amanda's work:
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