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Blog . March is Adobe Illustrator's 30th Birthday!


March is Adobe Illustrator's 30th Birthday!

03/07/17  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

March marks a month-long celebration for Adobe Illustrator. Of course, in 1987, Illustrator’s year of birth, the program was dated and not as sophisticated as it is now.

Throughout the years, Illustrator has updated and adapted to the needs of those who used it and what they wanted to do with it. Adobe started with Adobe 1.1 and has only improved since then. Illustrator started as a program for tracing, thus making shapes and lines were basically all it could do. We can still perform these actions the same way as 1.1 did. This version did not have colors, as it wasn’t till the second version when colors were introduced to the program. Adobe Illustrator 88 gave colors, more range of transforming shapes and lines, blending shapes together, and a mockup of the pencil tool.

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