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Blog . Reflections in an Image


Reflections in an Image

02/02/17  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

Choose two images, one with dark glasses in them and one that is a landscape or view. Adjust these images as necessary to make the images appear better.

Now choose a selection tool, polygonal lasso is recommended, and make a selection as accurate as possible to the glasses. Make sure to get both lens and none of the rims of the glasses.

Apply a small feather to the edge of the selection, I chose 3px.

Create a new layer while the selection is still selected. Fill the selections with black by using the brush tool.

Now select the entirety of the image you wish to place in the frames. Copy and paste that image into the image with the frames. Turn the opacity down about halfway and move and transform the image, until you place what you like in the lens.

Once you are happy with the position of the image, move the opacity to where you like for the final image. Hold down the command button and hit the image of the layer with the black shapes. Make sure you are on the layer with the landscape image, "Select," "Inverse," and "Delete."

While the black shapes layer is selected, go to "Filter," "Render," and "Lens Flare." Make a lens flare in the glasses where you believe there should be one and how bright you think it should be. This may take a few tries, it did for me. When finished, adjust the opacity of the image in the glasses.

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