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Pencil Tool in Photoshop

12/13/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

These past few weeks I have been doing pretty much nothing but working on final projects. As an Interior Architecture, major one challenge is the transferring of pencil on tracing paper to digital media. Of course, use a s canner but in that process, there are items missing from the original. I found it difficult to try to keep the cleanness of my work while taking the scan to only black and white. This happens to just about all works that are scanned and even more prominent to work that is done on tracing paper.

While trying to make my line, work look better I stumbled upon a tool that allowed me to recreate the lines and make them as straight as if I was using my parallel bar triangle or straightedge. This tool was the pencil tool. Up until I found it I had never been shown or instructed on the tool. But I found this tool over the week to be a lifesaver in an essence. I traced over all my lines, which there can be a lot in any project, and made the contrast stronger and the clean lines I had on the paper in the digital file.

To use the tool, you can change the size of the brush to have different line weight by holding downshift while drawing a line can make a straight line horizontally and vertically. To get a straight diagonal line click at one end and go to the other side but hold down shift while clicking that point. If you want, you can keep shift down while going from one line to another and there will be a line connecting the two lines. This tool can make drawing perspective and straight in a Photoshop so easily.

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