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12/06/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

This week everyone is working on studying for test, writing papers and finishing projects because this is the first week of finals. Last year I found this website called ‘Grammerly’ This site lets you upload or copy and paste a document into its engine. The site looks for plagiarism and grammar and spelling mistakes. Of course, you must make an account to use its services but you do not have to go premium which is the paid version. Grammerly will tell you all the little and not so little mistakes no matter if you are or are not premium. I use this site for all my papers because sometimes it is the small stupid mistakes that cause the writer problems.

For some premium, might seem the way to go. I don’t see a point in premium if you are at all any good at writing a simple essay. Premium includes support and even deeper editing compared to regular Grammerly. I will say they have great deals for long term usage of the program.

The way to use the program is to either upload a file into the software or copy and paste the text into a new file in the program. There will be a slight pause as the document is checked for problems then at the bottom of the screen there will be a summary of what is wrong with the document. There are three levels of problems, minor is green and normally has the most, red is critical which normally has the lowest number, and then there is yellow which is advanced and only can be seen using Grammerly Premium.


When looking over the given corrections provided by Grammerly, the site shows exactly what the problem is, where the problem is and they show the suggested solution and explains why they suggest the solution they do. A lot of the problems are little things that the writer or proof reader may have missed but it is Grammerly’s purpose to catch these little mistakes. By clicking on the correction on the right side you can able the corrections to the document, nothing is done to the document without the user applying it by clicking.

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