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Blog . Working with Color in Adobe Illustrator


Working with Color in Adobe Illustrator

11/01/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

Yes, I am that person who has liked Adobe Illustrator’s Facebook page. They give types and tricks when it comes to using the program. One thing I have found was just last week there was a live video where Paul Trani showed different elements of color in Illustrator. As he is typing he is talking to those who are watching and typing in questions for him. He stresses that the video is not a tutorial but more of a conversation. The video is a little long but worth the watch. Here I will give you bits and pieces that I found to be good information to know.

Trani says everything comes from the color wheel. When looking for colors to use in color schemes it starts with the color wheel but Adobe Capture is great for this. In the video he gives a brief demo of how to use capture and how you can use the app to pick colors based on harmony. (I’m getting this after I’m done watching the video.) But for those of you who don’t have room or don’t want it on a mobile device go to The only difference between this site and the app is the ability to take images from life. But you can upload an image and take colors from there. Trani goes into balancing the use of each colors in a scheme.

Trani reveals that he learned about color from ‘Elements of Color’ by Itten book. In fact, he talks a little about how our eye looks at color. “Use color with a purpose, not to decorate a page.” There are some interesting facts that Tranni shares with the viewers, I didn’t know these facts.

About twenty minutes in he goes into using Illustrator to apply colors, change colors and how to use color in Illustrator. You can change individual colors or the entire scheme, all coming from the color wheel. Playing with color can be fun. Admittedly he does kind of drone on but a lot of what he is teaching can be very helpful. Eventually he gets asked about color psychology and using it. A very helpful piece of information is to keep your color choices simple, no more than three colors in a logo. He does go back to the beginning to inform those who didn’t see the beginning of the video.

If you keep looking, next semester after I get to play with the app a little I will give you a post about Adobe Capture.

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