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Spotify Premium

11/22/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

So I have been using Spotify for a while now and I have a go to playlist that has music I always like and love to sing along with. Today I received an email with an offer to purchase Spotify premium for ninety-nine cents for three months. While premium is not mandatory to using Spotify there are some perks to having premium versus not having premium.

The major differences between premium and free Spotify is that premium lets you download the songs to your device so you can listen offline, have unlimited skips for those songs you don’t like or may not be in the mood to listen to, not have to listen to ads between songs, you can access more songs that may not have been available in the free version, and the sound quality is better than it was when using the free version of Spotify.

I took the deal for the three months for 0.99$, this is only available if you have not had premium before and only for a limited time.

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