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Blog . Getting Creative in Photoshop


Getting Creative in Photoshop

11/15/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

So I wanted to take a photo of my twin sister and make it something different and something I think she would love. I looked only and loved the idea of adding a watercolor paint texture and feel to the image but the tutorial confused me extremely. I started creating my own work. And I wanted to share with you what I did to take this photograph to something I want to give to my sister.

First I added the image into Photoshop and duplicated the layer that way I had two layers with the same image. On the top layer I selected what I wanted to emphasize, in this case my sister, and deleted the rest of that image. Tip: turn off the bottom layer for this step. I then added a layer with the texture I wanted, you can create this texture yourself or obtain the image from a free image website. I placed the layer in between the two images and had every layer visible at this point. I turned the texture to overlay in the color blending mode. I also played with the opacity on the top layer and this is completely up to you and how you want the image to be seen through the texture. Now I took the blur tool and selected ‘sample all layers’ as I began blurring the edge of the top image with the texture image, for this I turned the bottom image off once again. This is something you are going to keep going back to and have to control for what you want to see. Next I made the bottom layer visible again and added a Gaussian blur to the layer.

The purpose is to take away any distractions but not completely make the focal piece floating in the composition. I tried to make the blur match the top layer to make it seem that my sister is coming out from the back layer. I also added a slighter blur to the texture layer. Now I used an unsharp mask filter to sharpen just the top layer a bit and went back over certain places with the blur tool. Now the final touches are up to you, keep playing with blur and the sharpening tools as you get what you want with your piece. When done save it and print it.

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