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11/29/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

I don’t know if you are like me but I enjoy having some background noise while I am working on my projects, otherwise even the smallest noise distracts me. I have for the past year now looked for a good site to get to watch stuff for free. The first site I found later began giving ad ware so I stopped going there. I then began to use my parents account and watch items though Dish Anywhere. This works but becomes annoying with their commercials and limited items to view, plus if add anything to your watch list that you don’t get to right away they eventually are removed from being able to view and you can’t watch them.

Now I use Dish Anywhere to a limit because the site does get new episodes the same day they are released but other than that I use a site my uncle introduced me to, 123movies. This site has so many things to watch from old to very recent. I was able to watch some of the newer released movies before they were in stores but they were not available when they were first released in the theaters. I have not been using this site as long as the others but I have not found any problems yet. I have gone to shows and movies I want to watch and even have gone to the very first episode of some series that are now on their sixth season and watched from the beginning. Sometimes, very rarely, there are issues connecting to the internet but it subsides in minutes. This site has become very enjoyable for me.

I have registered but they have never asked for any money or credit card information so I am using the site for free. I watch tv series throughout the week while I work and on the weekends, I chose a theme and watch movies back to back. It is easy to operate the site as you can search by names, but make sure it is spelled correctly or you won’t find what you are looking for, or you can search by other means, country, genre, most liked, most watched, rotten tomato’s rating. I do suggest keeping captions on because the viewing has more problems when they are missing, I don’t mind because you get used to it quickly. There is an option that if you are watching a series to ‘auto-next’ which just goes on to the next episode without you having to click on it. If you have added a currently running series to your favorites, then they will notify you when a new episode has been released.

This site has been quite enjoyable for me and I watch stuff every day I am in Cleveland. When using my beats wireless head phones I can listen and turn when I want to, to the screen while I am working on a project.


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