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Scannable App

10/18/16  |  Posted by LeAnn Troutner  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

These days we want to scan more and more items but sometimes it is difficult if the scanner is smaller than the piece or just hard to come by. This app known as Scannable is from the creators of Evernote and was made to solve the problem of scanning with mobile devices.

These days everyone has a phone, IPad or some other form of mobile device on them that they can easily use to scan documents or projects. By getting this app they can scan using their mobile device and it is easy to use the app.

To find the app in the app store you can search by the name ‘Scannable’ and look for the blue butterfly. Sometimes when finding an app for scanning with a mobile device, any good app costs money. Let’s face it no one wants to buy apps these days when there is no guarantee that the app will work good and do what they want or think it will do. I have had this app for about a year now and I normally won’t spend money on apps. I have used this app for a number of different assignments but have yet to really use it for my own reasons, such as updating my portfolio. I think this is a great app.

To use the app all you have to do is have the item you want scanned lying flat in front of you. Open the app and hover the camera lens over the item. The screen will say ‘looking for document’ while it is searching and scanning the document. Once it is done the document is saved at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to scan multiple related items at one time and combine into one file as well as see the scan to determine if you want to try again and see if it can do better. Sometimes the scans need minor editing but the app is pretty reliable as a scanner.

Once you are happy and ready you can either save the files to your device or you can send them to another. I normally email them to myself or if I am with my laptop I will air drop them.

This little blue butterfly will be your friend in no time as it makes your life much easier to scan items and keep track of them.

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