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Blog . Personal Brand Is A Matter Of Affinity


Personal Brand Is A Matter Of Affinity

10/14/16  |  Posted by Eric Burton  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

We all know representing oneself means being both distinctive and valued, but in terms of design, what does staving the competition truly entail? And is this distinction more psychological than the intended design labor? These two questions set the bylaw for how far you’re willing to go to reach a certain level of success. I’ll tell you one thing, aside from my range of services, something I tend to offer my clients is my opinion on design and how that coincides with their own success. In that way, they are not measuring my skills on a “how good is he” kind of basis. They’re being conditioned to think in a “do our goals align” kind of perspective. And for the most part, this will land you the opportunity to be seen for every ounce of what you’re worth.

A thing or two I’ve learned about branding is to never ever think a logo leads your brand, because that’s only half true. Yes, a brand both begins and ends with a mark, but for your personal brand, the most influential power at your disposal is your cultural background. The reason being is the notion you’re audience is more likely to connect to your experiences. This is the psychological aspect of your brand. It’s really a journey to understand how this works, but the reason most companies stay afloat is through their affinity to personify, as in build a personality based on a set of fabricated or profiled experiences. The good news for you is that if you take all your values, morals, disadvantages and surroundings and put them together in one form, you’ve just aligned yourself on the same path as a leading brand.

Sometimes the most beautiful thing to do with a brand is to make it specifically for the person representing it. How much easier would it be to tell your clients about something you believe in? The fact is, it doesn’t get easier. That’s why a personal brand should never stray too far away from the person living it. Granted some of the most influential personal brands like Lewis Howles, who is actually a consultant for building personal brands, have some sort of celebrity or publicity behind. That doesn’t mean you are not celebrated or in fact wouldn’t be in the future. Have a difficult time with challenging yourself, not with knowing who you are as a brand.

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