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Market Week

08/18/15  |  Posted by  |  Posted in Student Blogger

This past week was one of the most exciting and crazy weeks I have had in a long time. Known as “Market Week” in the jewelry industry, it is the week that happens four times a year when our account reps come into our showrooms and estimate how much of everything they will order for their stores and how many locations they will put our product in. Because of this week, our showrooms and merchandise have to be in their best shape. Sometimes this can be very stressful because we can’t always expect our product to be in on time. Lucky for us, everything went very well. We had one of our best markets in a long time, and our product will be in even more stores in the upcoming months.

Once Market Week ends, the weight on everyone is lifted (until next market of course). Luckily, there were many opportunities during the weeknights to unwind. Nighthawk Cinema in Williamsburg has quickly become a favorite spot of mine. They show all kinds of films there, and they also silently serve the viewers food and drink. On Thursday they celebrated the 20th anniversary of Kevin Smith’s film Mallrats by screening it in a huge empty lot on the East River. Not only was the film on view, but also the skyline was clear behind the screen, which made for an enjoyable evening.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have friends come visit me here this summer. Since the art scene in the city so limitless, there is always a guarantee that there will be something worth seeing or doing each day. It’s also pretty helpful to read different forums and online sources to stay in the know of what’s happening each week. Because everything moves so fast here, some exhibits are only on view for a weekend and are RSVP only until they reach capacity. Sadly I missed the Seinfeld and Gucci Mane shows because they reached capacity so quickly.

Living here has really helped me realize how important it is to take advantage of each opportunity because there is no sense in missing out on something fun or something that can benefit you in the long run.

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