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Blog . The beginning of the end at Yale Norfolk


The beginning of the end at Yale Norfolk

06/23/15  |  Posted by Samantha Konet  |  Posted in Student Blogger

I am sitting on the floor of my studio. I am coated in a thick dust of plaster, and as for the molds I have produced from plaster, those are all broken and scattered into millions of pieces surrounding me. I have had a bit of a rough weekend entering the second-to-last week of Norfolk. I am exhausted from extending my experimentation into new materials and mediums but I cannot help myself. I have failed and have been failing for quite some time. This failure I speak of does not account for necessarily all the work I have created while here. I mean it in the literal sense that I have become comfortable with knowing when I have failed and what constitutes failure for myself. I am learning the parameters I need to set for myself to continually produce work, and when it is okay to play around in the work I am making. I have achieved many goals I have set for my time here. To think, that this is my final week in the studio is quite overwhelming.

I have studio visits scheduled for every single day of the week with at least two studio visits per day. I am also participating in a small critique that is on a voluntary basis. Small critiques of around 4-6 people take place every evening after our dinner has ended. It is encouraged to attend all critiques and to participate in the critique as much as possible.

Everyday becomes more intense. Any time spent away from the studio is spent eating, sleeping if you are willing to take the time to do so, and in my case I’ve been running whenever I can step away. I have been learning the area in the moments I am taking breaks, but as my body leaves the studio my mind seems to travel back there.

I have spent the last four weeks incredibly over stimulated with artists, writers, films, books, politics, and any subject you could ever imagine to come into a conversation at breakfast (where one would assume that conversation would not be so vibrant in the morning).

I am in the process of slowly rising out of this dusty, plaster ridden space back into the print shop to continue on my final body of work for the ending critiques next week. Wish me luck! My time here is coming to an end and with all of the work I need to produce in the next week I am going to need all of the good vibes and luck I can get.

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