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Blog . Let's Spitpaint!


Let's Spitpaint!

04/13/15  |  Posted by Robert Lauer  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

What is a spitpaint? A spitpaint is a 30 minute speed painting that encourages creative discourse by not letting the painter use photos. Daily spitpaint was founded by Atey Ghailan and Ross Grams in May 2013. Since then it has attracted over 50,000 members, some of which are CIA students and alumni. Here are the rules to the daily spitpaint, and be sure to follow them because if you break the rules you may get banned.

  • Pick an existing topic.
  • Set timer for 30 minutes.
  • Paint without using photos in your piece. You may use a photo reference, but do it within the time limit.

This is great practice for digital painting. The themes are great for inspiring creativity and it’s great to see everyone else’s artwork. Some of the artists can be intimidating but don’t let that bog you down. Spitpainting is more about developing your skills and having fun rather than creating portfolio pieces. Don’t be afraid to post your art either, its good practice to put your work out into the open.

You can join the daily spitpaint on facebook here.

You can also look at the Tumblr page here.

These are some pieces I have done for the daily spitpaint.

Theme: Tiny Car

Theme: The Brave Watermellon

Theme: Cotton Candy Hairstyle

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