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Royalty Free Music

11/07/14  |  Posted by Zachary James  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

Finding royalty free music to use in your projects can be difficult, and finding free royalty free music can be even harder. I’ve rounded up a handful of websites that I have used before that are great for finding music to throw into YouTube videos, games, apps, and more. And best of all, the music from these sites are (well mostly) free!


Created by Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech is a great resource for finding free music for your projects. To use the music here, all you’ve got to do is give credit to the artist where it’s due. You can find music by a genre or feel. From Silent Film to Disco to Polka, they’ve got something for you at Incompetech. Always check out the FAQ section of a royalty free resource site so you are totally sure you are using your resources legally.

Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme has many great resources, many of which are free. They have soundtracks, individual music, sound effects, and more. A lot of the media hosted on Partners In Rhyme does cost money to use, but if you scroll down towards the bottom, you can find all kinds of free media as well! Remember; double-check their FAQ before you use any of their media.

If you guessed that gives out free ice cream, I regret to inform you that you are terribly wrong. Instead, as the name suggests, they provide free soundtrack music for your projects. The site says that songs labeled as free can be used without any subscription payments or licensing fees, provided that you give credit to the composer and the web address of the site. FAQ.

There are plenty more Royalty Free websites out there with music and sound effects for you to use in your projects, these are just a few sites I have used myself. Google is your best friend in your hunt for music, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Happy Arting!

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