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11/10/14  |  Posted by Jordan Charlton  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

There are a lot of great art tutorials out there, but one site that I find incredibly useful is This is a site that a friend of mine told me about. Kiwijuice is a site that contains tutorials, lessons, tips, and resources from professional artist at very low prices. You don't have to subscribe to the website either you can just pay for lessons as you go. I actually really like the set up of this site. Being in college, I don't always have the funds available to subscribe to various sites to get content. When they say affordable they really mean it. Most of the tutorials I see range from $3 to $10, a few go above that and there are even some resources that are free. All of the instructors on the site set their own prices as well. For everything you learn, I think $3 to $10 dollars is an excellent price range.

Some of the Artist

The website is catered to digital artists for a cheap price! One artist that I really enjoyed downloading lessons from was James Paick. Paick is a freelance concept artist who has done work for RIOT games, Activision, EA, and Warner Brothers. Paick’s tutorials on the site focus on environment art for games. I found these useful for learning about perspective, artist work flow, and problem solving.

Another resource on Kiwijuice that I recommend taking a look at is VERTEX. Vertex is an ebook targeted at game designers but it contains information on Color Theory, Texturing, and Sculpting. The artist in this book came from a few big name studios inlcuding Naughty Dog and Blizzard Entertainment. I’ll sometimes refer back to this ebook if I ever need to because the artist offers great tips on texturing.

One more artist that I would recommend taking a look at is Maciej Kuciara. Maciej is a senior concept designer who works in the film and game industry. In a couple of Maciej’s tutorials they cover character concept art for film. Their character designs aren’t extremely fantastical, but they’re nice to learn as a good starting point. Maciej’s tutorials are some of the more pricier ones on the site but offer valuable information.

Kiwijuice is a great site to bookmark and check every once in a while because new tutorials are added periodically. There’s even a section where you can request tutorial subject matter. I recommend checking it out, especially if you're interested in Animation, Game Design, or illustration.

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