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10/02/14  |  Posted by Leah Yochman  |  Posted in Digital Canvas - Apps & Accessories

Beatwave is one of my favorite free apps available in the app store. Whether you are musically talented or can't hold a beat, you can make something that sounds good with this app. Once you have finished creating your new tune, the app gives you the option to email, post to Twitter or Facebook, or publish on SoundCloud.

I am planning on using this app to create the sound for a sculptural installation piece. I am building a 12 foot dome that will be suspended from the ceiling. The viewer will crawl under it and lay down on a bed of pillows, while looking up at the dome. I will have sound playing to enhance the ambiance of the installation. The style of music that Beatwave provides is perfect for what I am going for.

You can use the app to create sound for a movie, video game, animation, or soundtrack (the app gives you the option to sing into the microphone to add lyrics).

The app is free and features a variety of instruments to use. It doesn’t have the ability to edit audio with as much sophistication as Ableton Live, but it's a great alternative for on-the-go editing.

You can listen to what I’ve made with the app on my Soundcloud!

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