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Blog . Interning at Terra Vista Studios


Interning at Terra Vista Studios

09/16/14  |  Posted by CIA Student  |  Posted in Career Center

Meghan Calvert


Internship location:
Terra Vista Studios
Cleveland, OH

How you found out about the internship:
Professor Judith Salomon gave me Lynn Norwood Lofton’s contact information to see if Lynn would be interested in an intern at Terra Vista Studios. With internships, professors are a great source of networking and might know where you will excel (although the Job Central email notices from the Career Center are a great vat of information too). Terra Vista studios was a great fit for me and was just a relaxed environment for my first internship. I got to not only help Lynn but also interact and get to know the three other studio artists there.

What you did:
I helped her glaze work, load and unload kilns, and prepare for art shows. I helped around the studio with organizing, which sounds basic but sometimes is just a necessity that gets overlooked since so much goes into a studio. There was never a set agenda but rather a day-to-day look at what seemed to be most important.

What you learned:
I received first-hand experience in what it was like to run your own craft studio and everything that it entailed. I got to learn about preparation for art fairs since most of the studio artists at Terra Vista participated in those during the summer. One of the unplanned things I experienced was the exchange of techniques and knowledge with the different artists I met. I learned through watching them work and having them critique me when I worked. My learning exceeded the technical aspect of a studio and furthered my artistic growth.

What surprised you most:
Definitely one of the surprises and treats I received was exploring the art world with Lynn. We went on various field trips around Cleveland’s art scene, which people do not realize is as large as it is. She showed me various galleries and networked me with other artists in ceramics and other various mediums. Cleveland really has a lot going on, though some of it is hidden.

How CIA prepared you to get the most out of your internship:
I had work-study experience in my department. Also CIA is just very thorough in its teaching so I had a breadth of knowledge, even after one year. It’s good to learn every aspect of your major because once you’re out of college you won’t have teachers to hold your hand. I knew the basics so at my internship I could just progress and not have to waste time learning little aspects.

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